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  • Chess of the Wind

    Chess of the Wind

    Find it dumb that we're wasting time with superficial, condescending comparisons to Big Europeans like Visconti (decadent rich folk) and Bresson (... austerity?) when Ophül's La signora di tutti is right there.

    Would not be at all surprised to find that Ophül's film was an inspiration – they share many plot points, relationships, staging strategies and a delirious, despairing but also acerbic tone, not to mention the sweeping, spinning camera movements through, into and out of rooms.

    But by any…

  • Canary


    Always gratifying when, after four mediocre but intermittently striking films by a director, one hits upon the exception where they more consistently fulfill their promise. This is a far better Kumashiro update than Shiota’s later Wet Woman in the Wind–that being little more than a twee, slapdash exhibition of the Japanese studio film industry’s current creative and political bankruptcy. Canary is both more naturalist and more whimsical than the master, which means that it never scales the athletic heights of…

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  • The Enclosed Valley

    The Enclosed Valley

    Like all my favorite films, it takes the world apart, then puts it together again.

    An enormous and quiet vision of assembling.

  • The Big Mouth

    The Big Mouth

    Third time around with this, what on first viewing had seemed to be the Jerry movie. And that it still may be, though it’s hard to watch around others. It’s so mental, so direct a rendition of the architecture of Lewis’ mind, even in the long stretches when the Jerry character is not present, that every repetition, elongation, fumbled joke is charged, but only once you’ve surrendered to the film’s moody, anxious wavelength. In The Ladies Man, the house/head is…