Captain Marvel ★★★★


I've taken a few hours to reflect on this after seeing it and the longer I leave it the more I realise how much I love it. At first I'll admit that I did wonder if I found this slightly underwhelming but, actually, I love that nothing about this feels over stated or over the top. It doesn't need to be. Instead a lot of little moments, which I won't go into detail about because spoilers obvs, add up to make this really special. It's Carol's wittiness, how the relationships with those around her develop and, of course, her relentlessness the way she gets up every single time she's knocked down. It's Carol's IDGAF face. It's Maria. It's Monica. It's the soundtrack. It's Minn-Erva. It's Jude Law's eyes. It's those things that make me love this so much. Watching a woman be so unapologetically bloody brilliant, both Carol and Brie actually, fills my heart with so much pride and thinking about the young girls getting to see this in cinemas and see a woman like this on the big screen just makes my heart burst with joy. Just every time anything from this film pops into my head I can't help thinking FUCK YES. Seeing this has made me so happy, its put me on a high and I cant wait to stick my earphones in and go for a run tomorrow whilst listening to THAT soundtrack. Feeling powerful and empowered. I LOVE WOMEN.

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