A Quiet Place

A Quiet Place ★★★★

From the beginning, "A Quiet Place" establishes its world and its rules through images and actions rather than words. An artifice that requires discipline to be done correctly because the information needs to be clear and, at the same time, it can't be too obvious to the point of breaking the illusion.

The director and actor, John Krasinski (who is already preparing the sequel) is very clever to put, at the very beginning, one of the most shocking moments of the film. This helped greatly in shaping the atmosphere, especially in relation to the destructive power of the villains.

These creatures, simple as they are in design, cause fear simply because they deliver what they promise: they hunt violently and without rest. You can count on them to give their best at all times, whether the characters are ready or not.

Krasinski must be a video game player because his movie works like a typical survival horror game. Few resources, far more powerful enemies, use of stealth to escape, clear goals and challenges that increase the difficulty with time.

The bucolic and familiar tone recalls the recent, yet classic, "The Last of Us". As well as the main characteristic of the creatures: the use of hearing to hunt. However, here the director knows that he needs to reduce the pretensions and the scale because he doesn't have eight hours or more of gameplay to develop the plot.

So what we have here is the absolute essential for the movie to work. Every scene teaches you something about that world. And the main focus is always on the fear generated by impotence before such superior enemies in ever worse situations.

The breathing breaks are brief and very welcome.

The ending and its solution is a little too safe and sound (no pun intended), but I was satisfied with a little crowd pleasing yet tense conclusion.

"A Quiet Place" is a monster movie made with intelligence, practicality and without pretension. A lesson on how to tell your horror story with less words and more feelings.


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