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This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

This review may contain spoilers.

*Please remember to stay after the credits for a great scene that will link the two movies and possibly point the franchise's future.*

Since I heard that Mike Flanagan was directing the sequel (now prequel) to the horrible Ouija from 2014 (I'm saying this based on the horrible reviews it received from horror fans), I knew I had to check this.

Flanagan is one of the best horror directors of this decade and after this little miracle here he deserves to become more mainstream and direct bigger projects.

I say miracle, because nobody could've imagined that an "Ouija 2" could be this good. It's a rare case where a prequel (or sequel) to a bad movie is this good. Even rarer than a good horror movie remake!

Anyway, about the film. It's very well acted. Everyone here is good, but the film's MVP certainly is the amazing Lulu Wilson (love the name too!) that plays the little possessed girl.
This is another rare thing in horror movies: good child actors. Most of them are know to ruin entire films with annoying behavior or simple bad acting.
That's not the case here. Lulu is, at the same time, gracious, cute, smart and immensely creep as Doris, the youngest daughter of Alice, played by Elizabeth Reaser that shines in her role too.

Some little details helps to create the film's tone like the use of an old Universal studios' logo and movie title card. It's a very well directed and produced film, period.

The cons here are about the CGI. I like that they choose a "monster face" similar to the one of the 2013' Lights Out short film, but the poor CGI and the lack of blood helps to create a very fake and plastic look to the evil entities. The most annoying moment is when a character have her mouth sewed closed with a needle without a single drop of blood!

Unfortunately, Flanagan cannot escape from the predictable jump scares but he sustains the tension during the whole 99 minutes and the ending proves that the evil there is real. There's no easy solution and the consequences are devastating.

"Ouija: Origin of Evil" is a good surprise and a beacon of hope among this year's weak Halloween releases.

7.5/10 - VERY GOOD

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