The Witch

The Witch ★★★★★

I've first heard about this film in 2015 when it was screened in festivals. People were obsessed with it. Calling it the next big horror film.
When I finally had the chance to see it, I rushed to theather and grab a seat in day 1 (that was in March I think).

Unfortunately, I couldn't enjoy the film with the peace it requires and my first experience with it was ruined by an annoying and spoiled audience.

But later I had the pleasure to add "The Witch" to my collection and I could finally enjoy it the way it deserves.
What a masterpiece!

This film is everything they talked about and more. The biggest accomplishment comes from the passionate prodution and direction that crafted this world with details that makes we feel "like we're watching something that we shouldn't be seeing". In another words, it looks real. So real that a satanic temple declared support and made a tour to screen the film.

From the dialogues pulled from real diaries and manuscripts of that time period to concerns with Anya Taylor-Joy's earring holes for authenticity's sake, this film is a well-rounded gem.

No cheap jump scare. No pretentious explanations or over complicated story. No gratuitous gore.
That's a classic concept executed with precision and class by the debuting writer and director Robert Eggers.

Eggers really dig deep in the tales and mythologies of that time like the use of a hare, a crow and an amazing black goat by the witch as a disguise. Speaking about which, this goat named Black Phillip became not only a new horror icon but a cultural phenomenon in the next weeks after the film debut in theathers. Everybody wants to live deliciously with Black Philip's butter and fine clothes by the end of movie.

The score here is epic, especially in the haunting and gorgeous final scene. That moment is unforgettable.
Just out of curiosity, but earlier this year, Radiohead released their new album with the lead single called "Burn The Witch". I don't know if it's intentional but this song combines perfectly with "The Witch", especially in the last scene. I always think about the film when I listen to this song.

"The Witch" is a powerful tale with great acting from everyone involved. A beautiful instant classic and simple the best horror film of 2016.


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