Us ★★½

"Us" follows the structure of an efficient joke where the content itself isn't so funny, but the mental connections the audience has to make to understand where the comedian wants them to go is what makes them laugh in ecstasy for having managed to connect the dots.
But here instead of jokes, we have metaphors about social inequality that are sloppy presented and whose messages are as deep as a kiddie pool.

In the end, I was under the impression that the idea would've worked out much better as an episode of "The Twilight Zone" (classic series that Peele is bringing back to life). Less time for the audience to start questioning the logical flaws of the plot and just enough time to focus only on the hidden message and the horror created by the strangeness of the situation.

The amount of plot holes is absurd. Peele explained too much at times (by whom and why the creatures were created) and ignored several other details, that aren't vital to understand the overall context, but that, nonetheless, compromise the film's logic and credibility.

------ SOME SPOILERS AHEAD--------

When I say that Peele explained too much about the creatures is because when he gave a political and scientific aspect to their mythology (including revealing where they live), at the same time he created several logical problems of how such a gigantic plan managed to sustain itself.
There are several "whys" that begin to pile up on the audience's head and require a lot of goodwill and suspension of disbelief to ignore them and not break the illusion.
If he had kept the mystery, the wide range of options that would hover over the audience's minds would absorb much of those doubts.

If you don't have enough explanations or didn't think thoroughly about such aspect, sometimes it's better not to give any explanation than to give an incomplete one that will generate even more questions.

------- END OF SPOILERS --------

"Us" has other basic problems hidden beneath the excellent production and inspired performances (especially Lupita Nyong'o whose acting raises the text to another level), such as a confusion of tones with jokes out of place, action scenes full of cheap "close calls", an imbalance in the intensity of the danger that the protagonists suffer and what others suffer and a final twist "à la Shyamalan" that is interesting, but when observed more deeply, it makes no sense at all.

Despite all these shortcomings, a great compliment should be given to Jordan Peele for his enormous capacity to create striking moments with a detailed atmosphere and a stylish look (the posters are just gorgeous too). When Lupita's character says that she feels like she has a black cloud hovering over her head, we understand what she's feeling because we've also been feeling that cloud over our heads since the eerie and beautiful initial sequence.

"Us" is a mediocre horror movie that presents an underdeveloped mythology full of plot holes that seems only to serve as background for a dated social commentary through superficial metaphors.
A big disappointment despite the good performances, well-crafted production and inspired directing.

5/10 - WEAK

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