Promising Young Woman

Promising Young Woman

This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

This review may contain spoilers.

[watched screener]

Bo Burnham you really had me in the first half. I was literally smiling and blushing watching him flirt with Carey Mulligan. I had hope he was going to be a good guy. There was even a moment where he could’ve redeemed himself a bit but he didn’t. Such is life that occasionally you think men will be “good guys” but they simply aren’t, and even “good guys” aren’t good. 

The soundtrack (Stars are Blind, Toxic, Something Wonderful from the King and I, Charli XCX!) and the pastel aesthetic of this film are so delightful, I paused multiple times to take screenshots of certain frames and text them to friends. Amazing performances by all, wish Molly Shannon had more screentime and I giggled at the sight of Max Greenfield.

But anyways, that ending...
Sorry but this is not revenge and this is not justice. This is a tragedy where two women unravel and are left dead. A winky face text does not change that. In real life, cops are not saviors in rape cases. Cops oftentimes are rapists, and also part of a justice system that rarely if ever holds men accountable for their sexual assault related crimes. In real life, no fantastical revenge plot will ever undo rape. Not even death. Trussssst me on that one daddi 👽

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