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  • Limbo



    From start to finish this was absolutely spellbinding. The stunning black and white cinematography is immersive, as it presents the by (often literal) filth and scum inhabited city in all its maximalist, hyper detailed glory. It's as we're being put into this urban murder mystery on a microscosmic scale, portraying this nameless metropolis as a place where crime reigns and spreads through the streets like how poison would flow through veins. Amidst this neverending misery two cops attempt to chase…

  • The Handmaiden

    The Handmaiden


    I know I already did a review for it yesterday, but as I watched the extended cut with about 25 of additional material, I felt like I needed to write more about it. I could write entire essays on my favorite movies if I wanted, really. My brain never stops thinking when it's about movies, and it's even worse when I just (re)watched one of my all time favorite films. As some might have noticed, the handmaiden is my 2nd…

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  • Exeter



    Very much a dumb teens doing dumb stuff kind of horror film, but watching that is not entirely un-entertaining. It's pretty fast paced, but the lore and backstory, although interesting, are undercooked and underused, unfortunately. It's thrilling, overall, and ramps up the violent demonic mayhem fairly well, but still lacks in making it all blend together. It's chaotic, but also without knowing what exactly it even wants to blend together. Some characters are just there, the visuals are at times…

  • May the Devil Take You Too

    May the Devil Take You Too


    As much as the first one, this is a bonkers insane demonic thrillride. It's hysterical, violent and non-stop intense, and meanwhile adds great mythology with memorable demons. The craziness ramps up pretty fast, but Tjahjanto proves a great visual stylist too yet again, and knows how to build a good, slower scare as well. It's an inspired horror film as it's so artistically unique and impressive that it's hard not to love it. Obviously it's touching Evil dead-like territory with…

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  • Night Teeth

    Night Teeth


    Looks cool.
    Cast cool.
    Vampires cool.
    But doesn't mean film is cool.

  • Dune



    Not since a certain trilogy about a certain ring we've witnessed a vision as grand as Denis Villeneuve's Dune. Another story that was said to be unfilmable due to its massive scope and enormous worldbuilding. Now, the most ambitious director working in Hollywood today, pushed bounderies, reached to the sky and beyond to create a grand, in surreality drenched adventure that is, in the first place, overwhelming. Every single image, every single setpiece, every single costume and every single tune…