Everything Everywhere All at Once

Everything Everywhere All at Once ★★★★★

Has a movie ever done its title justice the way Everything, everywhere, all at once does? There is so much to unpack here. In the first place it's the most fun adventure movie to come out in a while. It's an overload of colorful visuals and striking imagery, a chain of ongoing, sparkling emotion and meanwhile it fully delivers on crazy, silly fun. It's mind blowing how much actually is going on here, which makes it all the more impressive that it's been put into a coherent whole that doesn't feel rushed or excessive. There is a heart of gold at its core, focussing on the meaning of acts of kindness and the way that affects everything around us. I love the way the overall message is being presented here. It's structured chaos of the most thrilling and entertaining kind. A blast in adventurous spectacle. Acting is top notch also, with everyone being devoted to the emotional layers, the arcs and overall chemistry, bringing their performances with wit and vigour. The final half hour is pure cinematic perfection. It's climactic satisfaction that's worthy of its energetic set-up. It's an explosion of creativity and rich storytelling, a film that fully relies on the concept of "show rather than tell", which means that it entirely understands the possibilities and essence of the medium of film and manages to get to best out of it that way. Energetic, lovely, wild, cute, silly, crazy, touching, fast, fantastical AND grounded. A rollercoaster! And whenever it's not being energetic, lovely, wild, cute, silly, crazy, touching, fantastical AND grounded, it's meaningful.

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