Hunt for the Wilderpeople

Hunt for the Wilderpeople ★★★★

Fun, touching and simply just plain funny, Taika Waititi's absurdist adventure trip through the woods not only works so incredibly well because of its delightfully minimalist approach, it also highly benefits from the powerful dynamic of the unlikely duo of Sam Neill and Julian Dennison. Their chemistry is fantastic. From the witty dialogue to the way they team up, learn from eachother and get to a closer friendship, it's both heartfelt and enjoyable.

The interwoven social commentary is subtle and only just surface level, and yet leaves a solid impact due to the brilliantly bonkers way it's shaped and how it's placed into the story. The humour gets a bit banal at times but it's never pushing it too far and it's fairly contributing to the impact of the film's unconventional and surprising twists and turns, which are varying from genuinely shocking (as far as non R-rated films go) to powerfully emotional.

At any time it's holding a strong and unusual balance between different genres. That's up untill it goes a bit off the rails in the final act, where it's also losing a bit of its charm, but it remains a unique, brilliantly crafted film that's as original as it is wildly entertaining.

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