Prey ★★★★½

Stunningly gorgeous cinematography and astonishing action sequences make this Predator film a sight to behold. It's thrilling and tense as hell. And it's far off from the bombastic approach that made the original so underwhelming for me. I'm not all that huge on that film, so I'm very pleasantly surprised that I loved Prey so much. It's a fierce adventure movie with a keen eye for building tension, and it gets the best out of its scenery with inventive action scenes and impressive escapism manoeuvres. It's all heightened by a powerful lead performance from Amber Midthunder and the beautiful historic setting is an aspect that makes it feel fresh and distinctive for a genre film like this. The lack of machine guns means that the characters need to find more clever ways to survive here, which is adding to the at times ferocious intensity, and in that way the movie succeeds at bringing new life to the franchise. One that, from my view, has always been slightly overrated in the first place. But here, everything works better. The scenery, the action, the characters, the lack of bombast. It's not as showy and done with more subtlety, and yet at the same time there is no lack of brutal bloodshed. Add to that extremely cool and striking visual detail, and that way it manages to be more awesome and more bad-ass than John McTiernan's (fight me) far inferior original. This is the best Predator film so far.

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