Ready or Not

Ready or Not ★★★★½

"Fucking rich people!"

A family in-law, how bad could it be? Let's see. . . they're rich, egoistic, and with the inauguration of every new family member they're playing a "game", chosen by their ancestors ghosts. Ready or not, it's gonna be hide and seek! A totally fun and harmless way to spend your time during your wedding night right? Huge chance you won't be leaving their magnificent mansion unharmed though.

With an incredible fast pace, lots of turns, a deliciously spectacular killing spree and humour as black as the night, Ready or not is an edge of your seat thrill ride with laughs aplenty. Samara Weaving is bad-ass, being one of the most noteworthy scream queens of the last few years and my god does she look mesmerizing in that gorgeously sexy wedding dress. Her presence is making all those games of cat and mouse, all those chases even more enjoyable than they already were. Her one-liners are just too funny. She delivers every single one of them with such rage and absurdity and the outcomes are always memorable. It's all working incredibly well in combination with those crazy supporting characters, who are all so lively and caricatured, and very well established.

The plot is, obviously, quite over the top, and that's a deliberate choice, as its effectively part of the comedy in this wildly entertaining film. The setpieces are stunning, very Gothic and stylish. The look of the mansion is one of its greatest aspects. It's used to great effect with its lush rooms and hallways and its secret getaways. The family's past, which is essential to the plot, runs through every frame as its showcasing hints of their past within portraits and other visual details. The worldbuilding is rich, filled with ingenious little details and clever twists, and especially besides a strong conceptual and characteristic basis that means it's reaching the quality of top-notch entertainment, strikingly moving towards an outrageously bonkers and brainwreckingly unexpected finale that's ranking among my favorite movie endings ever.

All the way through, Samara was being near-iconic and exceptionally sexy and bad-ass and it's just one hell of a ride full of blood, romance, thrills and fucked up madness in which I've learned that marriage is one big sickening and damned nightmare.

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