Thirst ★★★★½

Park Chan-Wook masterfully guides us through this twisted journey of duality with thrilling sensuality, moral hostility and bloody absurdism. Through tragedy we witness two opposites, doomed to be lovers, descending into a battle of faith, guilt, longings, pleasure and anguish.
A heavenly gift and a hellish burden, hand in hand they run, reliant on each other and yet inevitably cut off, drenched in the blood of eachothers sins and in the holy water of their conscious righteousness. Repulsion as the key to that what's right, even when it's wrong. Yield to temptation and die a prisoned soul or resist the devil and his orgasmic joys and die a free spirit. Choose, accept your fate and extatic heights will follow, but it's up to you whether that will be while living in the here and now, or in the afterlife. . .after all those truths can't co-exist.

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