Thor: Ragnarok

Thor: Ragnarok ★★★

It's trying too hard to be funny.
It's trying too hard to set itself apart from the other MCU entries, leading to some jarringly misplaced worldbuilding and bizarre tonal changes.
It's trying too hard to be bad-ass.
Which is arrogant. And I don't like arrogance.

It's visually striking, without doubt even one of the most visually striking entries within the franchise to date.

But I thought it's overrated.
I can't entirely dislike Ragnarok because for most of the time I was at least entertained with it. Some moments were lots of fun.

But opposed to what almost every Marvel fan will be telling you, this is one of my least favorite Marvel movies.
I was rather underwhelmed after the hype, and felt like it was more of a parody on Thor than an actual Thor movie.

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