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  • The Game

    The Game


    This and "April Fool's Day" would make a great double feature to piss off someone.

  • Nightfall



    Gonna play this on my TV on Christmas eve instead of that fireplace.

    "Anybody could have made this!"

    Yeah, but they didn't; James Benning did.

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  • Repo Man

    Repo Man


    Repo Man's major point would seem to be "fear of nuclear war". Yet, it treats its LA location as though it had already experienced a kind of economic fallout. Long shots of paved-over landscapes that double as nature for a group of Hardcore leftovers. Children whose very future seems so bleak that they often respond to the bizarre sci-fi occurrences in a non-chalant way.
    Even with all that, the gallows humor works well with Robbie Muller's playful cinematography.

  • Hours for Jerome

    Hours for Jerome


    If you have ever seen the multi-hour film poems of Jonas Mekas, but wished he'd have held longer on the nature around him, then I can definitely recommend Dorsky's work.