I, Tonya

I, Tonya ★★★½

I, Tonya is the bare minimum of what makes a biographical film good, nothing about it is necessarily bad but it could've been improved in so many different ways. Craig Gillespie understands the overall story well and does produce an interesting and fun film, but for every ice skating scene, there is a drastic flaw throughout the general technical elements of the film. Elements such as Robbie's performance and the strange non-linear writing worked really well and provided a lot of distinction to the film. However, concepts such as the basic approach to perfectionism, the way this film is 2 different films in one, the obvious pacing issues throughout do cause the film to suffer. I wish we had more dedicated to perfectionism as there is a scene where Tonya looks in the mirror and pretends to smile, and that was a really interesting scene, but the film focuses more on the story rather than a deeper meaning. A bit disappointing tbh.

Overall, a good film but it could've been so much better if more things were more organised and polished.

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