Mulholland Drive ★★★★★

After reading a bunch of “Mulholland drive explained” websites and thinking about the film for a solid 15 minutes, I can conclude that I’m still confused and yet amazed at David Lynch’s most popular work.

The story has many theories behind it, leading to some interesting approaches to the films conclusion. Lynch blurs the line of fantasy and reality, making the viewer wonder if the events unfolding on the screen are actually happening or another dream. The overall story itself is very perplexing in itself but it’s easier to understand after reading or watching a guide on what happened. 

Performance wise, Naomi Watts deserves all the Awards, she was just brilliant. Laura Harding was also brilliant but not as much as Watts. Watts steals the show, fitting her role as Betty, ensuring the viewer is entertained with her ability to bend her emotion throughout the film.

The score was very interesting; nothing I have heard before (going to assume all of Lynch’s films have a similar score). The camerawork and cinematography in general really enhanced the story. From its sudden zooms into characters’ faces to its transitions from one scene to another.

Mulholland drive is my first viewing of a Lynch film and I am sure excited to see what else he has to offer.

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