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  • Wild Nights with Emily

    Wild Nights with Emily


    I watched this at an Alamo w/ buffalo cauliflower, it stained my shirt

    Here are my notes:

    The editing is miserable at first but evens out / maybe I just got used to it 

    There’s some pretty solid laughs but also a couple forced poetry jokes (fake poetry heads need not apply) 

    Molly Shannon has a lovely voice, I could listen to her read the dictionary

  • Blow



    Watched in my living room w too many lights on 

    *this gets a courtesy/nostalgia rating bump of .25-.50*


    P Cruz saying, “fuck em” is the best acting in the movie with an honorable mention to the absolute mania in Jordi Mollà’s eyes 

    There’s some really weird off center, unsettlingly long shots in the movie that I did not remember

    Putting a gun in someone’s mouth then wiping their own spit on them when you take it out? Woah

    The kid stuff is major league bad but still gets me choked up

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  • The Beach Bum

    The Beach Bum


    I watched this in an Alamo after several beers (recommended) and some fried pickles (not mandatory) 

    Korine is the modern master of the trip to nowhere so I don’t really need to speak on all the stuff he gets right time and time again. Either way, here’s my list;

    • This is s slow starter with a finisher that makes you feel stupid for saying it’s a slow starter 
    • The nudity is gratuitous and necessary 
    • I’ve seldom felt…

  • The Matrix

    The Matrix


    Watched in my living room w cold ones and sushi. 

    No notes, this shit is still bomb lol