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  • All Quiet on the Western Front
  • J'accuse
  • What Price Glory
  • Westfront 1918
  • The Big Parade
  • Tarzan Escapes
  • Double Wedding
  • Stella Dallas
  • The Big Parade
  • The Crowd

Getting to Know the Directors of The Wizard of Oz

11 films

In my new video about the making of The Wizard of Oz, I talk about how each of the four…

  • Written on the Wind
  • The Big City
  • A New Leaf
  • Salt of the Earth
  • Libeled Lady


25 films

This month, I'm doing a series called 25 Days of Actress: 25 performances by 25 actresses...25 films to watch if…

  • What's Up, Doc?
  • Suspiria
  • Batman Returns
  • West Side Story
  • Strike!

12 Days of Actress 2021

12 films

This holiday season, I asked some of my favorite YouTubers to recommend a great performance in a movie they love.…

  • The Fan
  • Dona Flor and Her Two Husbands
  • Lady Vengeance
  • Phoenix
  • Peppermint Frappé

12 Days of Actress 2022

12 films

Where to stream this year’s movies as of Dec 23, '22 in the USA:

MUBI (click here to watch these…

  • The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
  • The Boss Baby
  • The Boss Baby: Family Business
  • The Boss Baby: Get That Baby!
  • The Boss Baby: Christmas Bonus

BKR's Sight and Sound Top Films of All Time Selections

10 films

you cannot talk about the best films of all time without these works of art...period.

  • Mrs. America
  • Growing Up Female
  • Jeanne Dielman, 23, quai du Commerce, 1080 Bruxelles
  • Diary of a Mad Housewife
  • Wanda