Everything Everywhere All at Once

Everything Everywhere All at Once ½

Can I go off for a sec?

This was not a serious film.

It looked and felt like a super bowl commercial.

This is a generationally bad piece of culture. I am judging people for enjoying and recommending this.

Everything Everywhere all at Once is being positioned in a way to make viewers feel smarter and more well cultured for having seen it but this is a film for babies.

I should've known better from how much of a steaming pile of shit Swiss Army Man was. Sometimes good filmmakers make bad films, but It's very rare people just completely lose their entire sensibility. But enough of y'all were moved by this, that I overlooked the Daniel's past transgressions, and man I really ought to trust my gut.

A certain type of person is going to respect this more and pat theirselves on the back for watching something with subtitles, that is centered around a minority experience, but I have never seen anything more quintessentially American in subject. Everything Everywhere All at Once is wish fulfillment of the lifelong promise that you are a unique special being at the center of the universe. If you still believe that, truly, if you still internalize that, I have bad news for you, you've watched too many Disney movies and you're too American to be saved.

Everything Everywhere All at Once, also exists as a hard timestamp for the marvelalization of indie cinema. We do not need more multi-verses in film, we do not need a24 to have the same sense of humor as Deadpool. That's probably the biggest bummer of this experience, the theater was packed, with hip young people on a Tuesday night, a significant amount of people clapped at the end, and it was all for this fucking garbage...

Everything Everywhere All at Once substitutes vague feelings, and pop spirituality for an actual point of view on the world and being alive, and this is how Malcolm Gladwell becomes a best-selling author man, y'all dont know how to critically think. Sure a lot of us have emotionally unfulfilled relationships with our parents, but vomiting that up onscreen does not necessarily make this an effective piece of art, it just means we need to work on that, possibly in therapy. You can get a little teary eyed at the thought that your mom doesn't show you affection how you'd like AND still think its a cheap trick, that alone does not elevate this to poignancy. The Russo brothers are for sure not seeing heaven after this.


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