Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange ★★★

A human full of ego learning to realize how little he doesn’t know the world and the virtue of being humble should be a realization that hopefully inflicts each and every one of us in our existence. The world is bigger than just what we see and our place in it is just a speckle of time in the big picture of the universe. Time can’t be recovered; the two unbeatable facts are that days are numbered and death is inevitable. These same fears are also what gives life its uniqueness. Doctor Strange carries philosophical significance to the world of MCU and deals with threats that specializes in the multiverse along with other dimensions locked to the mere mortal. The journey of Stephen Strange is also a trek into the mystical arts that can transform environments into shape shifting puzzles and conduct endless time loop experiments. The visuals feel adjecent to the environments of Inception but leaning into the comic book world and not the study of dreams. Cumberbatch plays the egoistical neurosurgeon and the enlightened protector of the world great in both measures. I can’t say the same for the villain which is not the fault of the great Mads Mikkelsen. Kaceillus as an antagonist is not meaning nor fascinating enough to garner a whiff of curiosity in the story. This can also apply to Rachel Mcadams because she also suffers from inefficient runtime to establish a generous characterization. Action wise, this films ranks in the lower rungs of the Cinematic Universe due to a lack of variety and the appeal being in the complex visual effects. Still a useful superhero film but I think the sequel is when this sorcerer can unlock his full potential.


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