Lamb ★★★

The intriguing nature of the narrative and the sense of ominous events lurking around the corner ready to expose itself at any minute keep Lamb from being a full swing as a miss. The themes of tolerance, parenthood, animal treatment, secrets, and tragedy are treated with a distinctive hand allowing itself to stand out from the crowd; this badge also creates some potholes in the road that can’t be written off. Horror is the word being used for genre markings; however, this is more “psychological thriller” and sadly unlike many others films, most of the events don’t lead to any kind climax or resolution. The first 40 minutes are a test in patience as the slow start can conjure up apprehensions and potential disarray until the middle portion and ending take control over the turbulence and landing in a solid position. Gorgeous cinematography of the beautiful Icelandic fields, valleys, and mountains. No matter what side of good or bad the audience will fall on, this is a experience full of curiosity and weirdness that can’t be fully ignored for a one time viewing.

2021 RANKED 

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