Ready or Not

Ready or Not ★★★★

"I Want A Divorce"

Ready Or Not doesn't seek to do anything game changing or innovative but rather produce a sinister balls to the wall fun horror experience for anyone appreciative of cult classics like the Evil Dead, Cabin in The Woods, and They Live. Centered around a young bride who finds herself in the crosshairs of a deadly game commenced by her husband's family to uphold a sacred ritual and high influence in the society hierarchy. Becomes a race against time and fate as the groom relies on her survival wits to stay alive until the break of dawn. The blood not only pours like rain but also the comedy and suspense rear their head mighty.

Samara Weaving puts herself on the map in a turn that exhibits rockstar; whether she was expressing horrifying fear with chilling emotion then becoming a badass heroine who shows to be more capable than she looks. Weaving should have a future as a leading lady showcasing her talent in different genres. Adam Brody was a nice nonchalant comic relief who ends up stealing a few scenes with his just right comedic touch. Nicky Guadagni makes an indelible mark as the auntie with a creepy Adams Family vibe that plays for well timed laughs later in the film. Nice characterization in fleshing out this mysterious family and some development arcs that surprise me in making me grow in fascination with the human drama element.

I was impressed with the way the direction was handled; Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett gave use copious amounts of scenes in which the tension is unbearable then can pivot its tone right to a nice surprise moment of campy humor. The rhythm of this film is running at 100 miles per hour and doesn't swerve off the road; pacing and editing are in steady lockstep together keeping you interested and excited for what happens next. Use of handheld was clear, good placement of tracking and panning shots, and adding tilt ups, overhead, and zoom shots to fulfill the thriller urgency.

The story also contains a nice parable link to the idea of what lengths and low people will go to in order to acquire massive riches and influence; then using whatever sadistic means in order to not lose that place. Stories of how certain people will sacrifice what defines them in order for the comfort of materialization that doesn't last and the empathy required for humans to understand one another. Nice to see those spooky elements make its way to an entertaining package.

Ready Or Not is a nice boost for the horror genre and a showcase benefit for why independent films should be more celebrated in the theater. A bloody tense, humorous filled journey that will find itself with a major cult following in the near future.

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