Skyfall ★★★★

The combination of Mendes’s secure direction that pays tribute to the reverence and class of the franchise, Deakins’s marvelous photography, Craig continuing to be the best representation of the world traveling secret agent, and a theme song from Adele that brings the house down is what makes Skyfall incredible. The 50th anniversary of the James Bond universe is celebrated with the impact of a nuclear band detailing the consequences of our past actions coming back to catch use and the new face of a enemy that is hard to stop and track: Cyber terrorism. Javier Bardem is perfect at playing the villain; an ability to make the skin crawl and test people beyond their limits in this performance. A lot of revelations and shocking moments that put the franchise into new territory which plays out for the better and shows courage in being risky. More details into Bond’s past and how the loss of her parents made him the perfect candidate for his current day to day existence.

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