Spider-Man: Far From Home

Spider-Man: Far From Home ★★★★

In a post snap world, nothing will ever be the same and major ripples can be felt through every corner and even unseen dimensions of the universe. Peter Parker is now back to his life as a high schooler/web slinger who is now expected to live up to the path and influence that his mentor Tony Stark laid down for him. Will it be too much for him to do or will he step up and be the hero he has always wanted to be? The central conflict in Spider Man: Far From Home lays at the hands of a young man who is finding out how hard it can be to come off as regular and also be a fantastic superhero in more ways than one. Jon Watts carries over the same momentum from Homecoming and elevates the new iteration of Spiderman as one of the three best entires in the widespread franchise.

Our setting is far from the home grown environment of Queens; we now see Spider going international as a class trip turns into a foray into what's real and what's not in the scope of monsters and power hungry villains. Tom Holland reprises his role as the titular hero and knocks it out of the park once more. He is fully solidified as the best version of the famed hero with no competition. Zendaya gets more screen time as potential love interest Mary Jane and in addition to the amazing year she is having, another impressive performance. Jake Gyllenhaal as Mysterio transitions himself seamlessly into the infamous comic book super villain placing among the few great villains in the MCU canon.

The story serves another purpose in constantly reminding us that the world will be forever altered from the events of Infinity War and Endgame. Nice to see that we still have those mementos in the background acting as ghosts of our past that show us how we can never forget that colossal event. There is still the great brand of comedy present and you do get some heavy laughter but the drama is more exceptionally controlled and explored; Peter's juggling of his normal life and the life of an Avenger will only become more of an hassle in future sequels. Be aware for a cliffhanger of an end credits scene that will leave to audience salivating for what will happen next in this universe. Themes of relationships, expectations, grief, "fake news", illusions, and hiding in plain sight are some of the avenues that elevate the narrative above Homecoming.

Visually this is a bombastic affair. The array of vibrant colors and wide cinematography is a great pairing. There are a couple of sequences in this film that stunned me with the way the SFX format was used and it deserves to be seen in IMAX or Dolby Cinema. One of the best looking MCU films ever made. Action is high energy and exciting to watch, the last act is a marvel to behold with nice integration of effects into the environment with no sense of overbloated or a mishandle of choreography. The technical department really did their best work on creating this film to be a sight to behold.

Spider-Man; Far From Home represents one of the best forays into the mind and life of Peter Parker/Spiderman. Very excited about what the future holds for this franchise; one of the best superhero films to have been released in the decade and a sure fire fantastic experience.

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