The Report

The Report ★★★★

A mandatory and sobering look into the devaluing of humanity and numerous unlawful violations carried out the CIA's Detention and Intelligence Program that took place after the event that was 9/11. A Senate staffer is tasked with the job of investigating of the CIA agency and uncovering the countless injustices which tests his own emotional fortitude and belief in the hierarchy he occupies. A inside look in the dirty game of politics and how distrustful our own government has been with being forthcoming with their own citizens.

Scott Burns, who served as both writer and director, holds nothing back in exposing the truth while also pacing this story in a fluid manner that will command your attention. Plays out more like a documentary than a feature film which speaks to its engrossing manner of realism and the rock solid acting performances all around. I think it has been established that Adam Driver is having a tour de force of 2019; this film just adds on to his immense hot streak with a commanding performance that reeks of heroism. Annette Bening, Jon Hamm, Michael C. Hall, Tim Blake Nelson, and Maura Tierney round out an excellent supporting cast each adding nuance and credibility to the story being expressed on screen.

It will make you blood boil and fester with how our federal government has operated in the name of "protecting our country" , but films like this should be championed for telling the stories that most people want to keep in the closet.

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