Weathering with You

Weathering with You ★★★★

Heavy rain has plagued Tokyo for many days rendering the sun a mute factor for citizens and street vendors looking to gather business. The mystery is unclear: What has become of Mother Nature? Urban legends are abound filled with stories of "Sunshine" and "Rain" girls that have been blessed with the power of controlling the weather. A runaway looking to find a reprieve from his limiting hometown comes across a wonder of humanity in the form of a girl named Hina. Their chance meeting is a precursor to the world being shaped in a different image; formed by the unbreakable bond of two people connected on a spiritual plane.

Weathering With You features heartfelt storytelling, a ravishing style of animation, incredible characters, and a provider of robust quotes that speak about the condition of our planet and the granted power of freedom in people choosing how they approach the craziness of life itself. Weather conditions act as a significant marker to the wide spectrum of moods and emotions. One person could feel the energetic boost of blue skies and ultraviolet rays while sulking at the proposition of a day filled with dark clouds accompanied by cold temperatures. The opposite could be said for another who enjoys the calm of raindrops tapping on the window or feeling the metaphorical "pennies from heaven" on their body. Every day we each make a decision on how we are going to allow our moods to be dictated given the circumstances of mother nature. Do we let the world bring us down or do we choose to make due the best we can keeping hope alive? The world was crazy before any of us won the race to the egg and it will be crazy after we are buried six feet on the ground. The beautiful message is that the world can be shaped if we believe that the power to control our fates is within us.

2019 RANKED 

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