When They See Us

When They See Us ★★★★★

There are some injustices in America that cannot go without being told or remembered for the sheer tragic and heartbreaking ripples that changed the course of innocent lives forever tainted by a miscarriage of justice. The Central Park Five was five African American children railroaded by the criminal justice system and had their rights violated in order for them to be coerced to be liable for a crime they did not commit in 1989; a event that changed their lives forever and remains a rotten spot in recent American history. Ava DuVernay crafts a brilliant piece of art that hurts your soul and gives you a reminder of what a certain segment of the American population has dealt with and still deals to this day when it comes to their place and oppression in a society that claims to be inferior and a threat to be demolished. We follow these kids, the police officers and lawyers who subjected to taking their teenage years away, and the parents who have to watch their kids fall victim to a struggle they know all too well: the ugly boogeyman called racism. The direction, acting, cinematography, and the gravity of this story are full conveyed phenomenally and is quite possibly the best thing Netflix has brought to the streaming service. All of the actors bring their A game, great turns include Michael Kenneth Williams, Felicity Huffman, all of the kids who beautiful portray the fear and innocence that kids are riped with at that life stage (my standout is Jharrel Jerome, his performance as Korey Wise should be a candidate for an Emmy nomination). Ava does a great job of not just showing these kids are victims of the system, they also have their own humanity (which doesn't get shown in the news cycle in anything involving the portrayal of a black child). They had dreams, aspirations, goals, experiences they wanted to fulfill; sadly it was all taken away from them. This is more than a limited tv series; its one of the best pieces of work I have seen this decade.

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