LA 92 ★★★★½

Daniel Lindsay and T. J. Martin's documentary is a visceral scream against social injustice and the racism entrenched in the United States. 1992 and Black America explodes as a government lets racist white police walk free despite brutal and indisputable evidence.
A masterclass of editing, ripped together using only archival footage. The chaos becomes almost abstract as we are bombarded with video feed, photographs, interviews, footage from news reporters and LA citizens, all from the front line. Politicians ignore and deny the racial problem, a police force overwhelmed and shamed, a city on fire.
The whole package is given a horrific and poetic continuity from Danny Bensi and Saunder Jurriaans daring and evocative score. This is amongst the best documentaries of the last 20 years, two part examination, one part righteous polemic.
Make no mistake LA 92 deserves your attention.