Everything Everywhere All at Once

Everything Everywhere All at Once ★★½

So I’m not even going to try to explain what this movie is about. All I’ll say is Everything, Everywhere All At Once is a showcase and masterclass in acting for Michelle Yeoh and the team behind the editing of this film. This almost feels like a series of different puzzles somehow being forced together to fit in a surprising family drama which happens to invoke the Multiverse? The buzz on this movie has been immense with some calling for it to get Oscar buzz. A rarity for a film released this early in the year. I’m not gonna go there however. In true A24 fashion this movie ended up being a little too weird for me. Not kidding, this is an absolutely batshit crazy experience that I don’t think will be for casual audiences. 

Would I recommend this? It’s hard to say. I’d honestly say do your research before seeing this even given the spectacular reviews. While I think Yeoh has a chance to get awards buzz I’m not sure about this movie overall. It’s visually appealing and given her work with Crouching Tiger and Shang-Chi before, Yeoh pulls off the martial arts and action sequences well. I can also appreciate an unfiltered and unhinged take of a film maker just going for something big and original. Clearly I’m in the minority on this, but to me it just was a little too out there. Maybe I would’ve liked it if I was on acid? To each his own.

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