John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum

John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum ★★★★

By now with these John Wick movies you know what you're in for. A mostly stoic Keanu Reeves wiping out a bunch of dudes in thrilling fashion. 3 movies in now and Chad Stehalski and this crew of stunt performers still continue to up their game and impress the hell out of me. I got everything I wanted out of this film. The gun fu is still super impressive but its how they change the parameters of each fight that keep this movie very engaging and exciting. Give the Oscars to the dogs in all honesty. There’s a wicked set piece in which Wick and Halle Berry fight off a bunch of dudes with K-9’s doing some vicious things at their command that will for sure get a reaction out of audiences. A kickass motorcycle chase in which a dozen guys with swords fight Wick at high speeds. Another action piece where Wick has to adjust as the men he’s fighting have strong armor on which prevents his usual trick of a shot to the leg then head. Then a climactic showdown that takes inspiration from Game of Death. 3 stories, each one presents a new and more difficult encounter than the last. Each different action piece in this movie feels different, but epic in their own unique way.

Chapter 3 picks up directly where Chapter 2 ends. Wick has been labeled excommunicado. Meaning the protection hitmen like himself receive at the Continental hotels are disavowed. With a now $14 Million contract on his head, everyone in New York City is gunning for the Baba Yaga. The hunter now is the hunted. And this movie again offers some excellent world building that manages to flesh out this world even more. Without getting to meet any of the members properly, we get the sense of how large the reach of The High Table really is. This film feels like the start, (Just look at the appropriate subtitle of the movie) of a large war between Wick and The High Table for its sequel. A part of me feels like I slightly prefer John Wick 2 to this film because of the central antagonist. Common I felt was more an interesting and dangerous foil for Wick than Mark Dacascos turned out to be. That being said, the quality of these films are very close and each excellent in their own way. 3 movies in now, John Wick has firmly established itself as one of the best action franchises of our time. I can’t wait to see where this wild ride takes us next.

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