Drive ★★★★★

You really can just *feel* this movie.

Every frame of this movie is absolutely stunning, the DoP has to be some kind of unreal, unhuman being. You could print out every frame of this movie and have each be worthy of framing and spending millions of dollars on.

There's also a lot of subtle things going on between characters that I never really noticed the first time around. I remember reading that this movie is just a simple plot with GREAT atmosphere and whatnot, but there really is quite a bit of significant meaning to so much of what the characters do and represent physically.

Drive just oozes atmosphere, in particular the opening scene might be the single coolest moment in film history. Every bit of this movie just feels amazing, it really gets you involved and immersed into the story.

I don't know if I'm toooootally confident in the 5 star rating, but it sure felt like one the whole time.

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