Persona ★★★★½

"It's as if you teach me to smoke"

I feel like seeing "Enemy" soon before this has really brought a lot of insight to how I interpret this movie. When I saw that movie, I was reminded of Persona a decent bit, but upon a rewatch, the connection goes further than I thought it did last night. Thematically, they're very, very similar movies. Different in their own ways, of course, but there's really quite a bit of similarities to them. The conflict of characters representing order and chaos, and how both of them in a way take over the other, leaving both people as some kind of a broken shell of a person. I really, really like the idea of that, and you can see why people have taken that idea in so many different directions.

I feel l personally prefer "Enemy", but this is objectively a better film. It's kind of hard to explain, but you know.

There was also an element to this movie that felt like a very psychoanalytical look into Ingmar Bergman. I thought by the halfway point of the movie, I no longer really noticed that, but early on it definitely felt like he was mad about being seen as something to study and "understood".

Isn't film just the greatest thing?

and apparently Liv Ullman was born in Japan. That's my useless fact for the day.

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