Dial M for Murder

Dial M for Murder ★★★★½

Do you really believe in the perfect murder
Mmm, yes, absolutely. On paper, that is. And I think I could, uh, plan one better than most people; but I doubt if I could carry it out.
Oh? Why not?
Well, because in stories things usually turn out the way the author wants them to; and in real life they don't... always.

This was easily one of the most suspense-filled stories I've ever seen. I haven't watched a lot of Hitchcock's works, but the ones I've seen are absolutely incredible and I understand why he is considered as one of the greatest directors.

The plot is great. It starts off simple, but becomes intricately twisted later on. The twists are great. It's word-heavy, and I found that to my liking.

The acting performances are top notch. It's also amazing how there are three characters written so well you end up rooting for each of them. Tony Wendice, Mark Halliday and Hubbard are all great characters. Also, Grace Kelly plays her part wonderfully.

The direction is close to flawless. The music is brilliantly used. I really liked the colour effects too.

Overall it's a great movie. One that you must watch if you havn't yet.

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