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  • Victoria



    I'm a sobbing, broken mess and all my fears that I wouldn't experience this magnificent film in the same powerful way I did in the cinema five years ago are washed away. From the first scene, in which we meet the multi-faceted character Victoria, I was transfixed again.

    She's alone, in a city that's foreign to her and she has been there for three months. She ran away from a life where people had told her to give up on her dream…

  • Irreversible



    "I had a dream. It was weird. I was in a tunnel. All red. And then... the tunnel broke in two."

    Perhaps the ultimate film to demonstrate how you can love an artist and the kind of cinematographic wonders he achieves, while at the same time absolutely despising one character in the film so much that you want to jump into the screen and bash his skull in but not even in this filmic revenge story is that how things play…

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  • First Man

    First Man


    Seeing this in the context of the Apollo 11 documentary gave it even more gravitas than it had the last two times I saw it.

    Check out my other reviews via the director tag on this one if you want to read my previous thoughts but for now all I have to say is that this is every bit the hopeful venture that Interstellar ultimately was and if you take away anything from this film, then please let it be that this…

  • Apollo 11

    Apollo 11


    "Magnificent desolation."

    Could it be that, 50 years later, we're the first people really seeing what the moon landing was like? Distance lends perspective to things but I also feel a distinct surreality when seeing these impressively detailed and high resolution images — both moving and static — from the endeavor of landing on the moon.

    This is an outstanding documentary that really makes you feel like you are there in 1969 watching it all unfold to Matt Morton's modern,…

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  • Marlina the Murderer in Four Acts

    Marlina the Murderer in Four Acts


    An Indonesian rape and revenge film that somehow feels less exploitative and more grounded than comparable genre-fare. Also, it's not as visually dark and depressing as one might expect from such material but rather glary.

    It's definitely a mood-piece because the film relies heavily on its images along Marlina's journey and is therein definitely akin to the western genre, which also applies to the plot, which is pretty straightforward and without too many twists or turns. Some might take away…

  • The Invisible Man

    The Invisible Man


    This film shouldn't work.

    The title basically tells you exactly what kind of a story you're in for. It brings a plethora of expectations with it and, even if you just heard the trailer during previews you'll have picked up on a couple of spoilery details and of course there's a lot of invisibility lore to draw from under the guise of this title (a lore, which I'll actually plan to catch up on, courtesy of an Invisible Man films…