Dune ★★★½

Confusion quickly gave way to a strange fascination for this world filled with strange names, places and concepts and the music created by Toto and Brian Eno kind of did the rest to keep me entertained and sucked me in more than I had expected.

With classics like this, that I have long had on my watchlist, it's almost inevitable that I won't have the enthusiastic cult film response to it other people have who may have grown up with it more, therefore having it deeply lodged in their brains, but I can still see the appeal and have to commend Lynch and his cast and crew for the skill at display in bringing this strange world to life.

For me as a complete Dune newbie, there was a lot of exposition to swallow and a lot of strange words and names to get used to, so I quickly chose to watch with the subtitles on. I feel, if anything, that knowing Dune now, and the scope of what it is all about, will endear me considerably more to it on a second viewing and I'm glad now that I chose to watch this before Denis Villeneuve's remake hits the big screen, as I anticipate to get into that a lot quicker than I likely would have gotten going in completely unfamiliar with the world of Dune.

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