Inherent Vice

Inherent Vice ★★★★½


Paul Thomas Anderson Binge #6

Wow! I was really surprised by this one considering that many people call it PTA's worst. Although I don't think it's one of his best, this was absolutely phenomenal! I think a lot of people's main issue with it is the obscurity and slow pace in which the plot presents itself, the performances align with the subtle fluidity in which the film's direction goes, the score is subject to change over time and re/watch, but I'm very settled on what I currently have it at. A lot of negative reviews for the film suggest that it's as pointless as my reviews, but that felt intentional. Nearly every flaw I've seen with PTA's work appears intentional and necessary to the plot. Also, the acting, dare I say this is Joaquin Phoenix's best role? Cause I am. Anyway, that's all.

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