Carol ★★★★★

CAROL just might be my favorite love story of all-time. The subtle, concise ways it conveys visual information through glances, touching, and the space between words, allows the audience to experience the act of falling in love in a way that gives you the fullest scope of the characters emotional reach. This is obviously due to the sensitive, classy direction by Todd Haynes. The command he has over storytelling is nothing short of remarkable. He is able to instill his own unique perspective on sexuality in a way that is able to transcend the specific and build it into something universal. None of this would have been possible however without Patricia Highsmith’s groundbreaking novel, THE PRICE OF SALT. Phyllis Nagy adapts it with reverence, and strategically employed dialogue that never once feels superfluous. The performances are able to shine brightly because of this, and damn, do we have two iconic ones here. Cate Blanchett plays Carol with authority and sophistication, while Rooney Mara gives her Therese both an enigmatic presence and an approachable naivety. The way the film shifts between their lives showcases how they change one another through their passionate feeling and doubts. The way Ed Lachman’s warm Super 16mm cinematography frames them gives every scene a depth and an evocative, ethereal quality. Seriously, every single image is consistently gorgeous to marvel at and made even better by Carter Burwell's sublime musical score. The entire production is graciously detail oriented, down to the clothes, make-up, and architecture. It is able to get the 1950s to come alive in a way that I haven’t seen before. Cinema has always had the power to transport you to a world that is long forgotten, and CAROL is a prime example of that done to the utmost standards of quality. It’s pure art that will stand the test of time and will give the viewer who watches it a profound experience they will cherish and never forget. Put simply, CAROL is a supreme masterwork that shows us how far we have come, and how much farther we have to go to give every person the equality they deserve, and most importantly, the happiness and choice to be in love with whomever they want without society creating a barrier for them to overcome. That’s not too much to ask I’d say. And to that end…I’m in lesbians with you, CAROL!

P.S. Fuck the Academy. CAROL deserved a Best Picture nomination, and TODD MOTHERFUCKING HAYNES deserved one of those Best Director spots, dammit!

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