Wild Beasts

Wild Beasts

I viewed this film via Blu-ray.

Maybe the real rabid animals are the children we had along the way...

How the fuck has nobody ever told me how much Wild Beasts rules?! Even by Italian horror standards, this movie is absolutely insane. Played completely straight, the film finds all of the animals at a zoo (barring the friendly, apple-eating bears) consuming PCP-infused water, turning rabid, escaping from their enclosures, and murdering everything in sight throughout a city.

A polar bear attacking a gymnastics class filled with children, a cheetah chasing down a woman in a convertible, lions and a hyena teaming up to slaughter farm animals, elephants yanking people out of cars with their trunks and then trampling them... Wild Beasts has it all!

This has to be one of the most dangerous movie productions in history, and while I certainly don't condone the fact that the animals were almost assuredly mistreated (despite the film's claims that they were not), it's undeniable that having real, live animals onscreen makes for a much more effective and suspenseful film than CG animals would have.

This is one of my favorite discoveries of the year. Just an insane movie that I can't believe isn't discussed more often.

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