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  • Just Before Dawn

    Just Before Dawn


    The middle of the woods is the best place to have a dance party.

    Last night was finally the night for me to check out this cult slasher; to clarify as there is more than one cut available on disc, I saw the far more common 90 minute version. Now, this is not something to see if you desire a gore-soaked bloodbath which has inventive kills; rather-to steal a phrase-this is more reminiscent of The Hills Have Eyes with some…

  • Diabolique



    Due to a set of circumstances I revisited this late last night on TCM; I don't typically talk about films I've seen again on Letterboxd if they've already been reviewed & I am happy w/ said review... but this is preferable to not posting anything today at all. Besides, I am happy to recommend this great movie to those that haven't seen it yet.

    It may very well be the best Hitchcockian movie that Hitch never directed-he tried to but Henri-Georges…

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  • The Texas Chain Saw Massacre

    The Texas Chain Saw Massacre


    This movie is still a classic and there are still plenty of people who think that this is gore-soaked when you hardly see any violence for the most part; it's more the low-budget sleazy factor and the great atmosphere and mood that make it unnerving to watch. It's still effective today; if only most of the sequels/remakes/alleged sequels went with this style instead of the direction they turned to.

  • Captain Phillips

    Captain Phillips


    I'll be honest and say that for the most part I avoid the films of Paul Greengrass; that is because I don't care for his style of film making. Shaky cam and too quick cuts... no thank you.

    However, while watching this I didn't even really notice any shaky cam or too quick cuts. That is a big endorsement right there. I really knew little about the real life story this is based upon so of course I was always…