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  • Phantasm II

    Phantasm II


    A few years ago, I watched and reviewed the OG Phantasm-of course I had seen it before that but it had been a long while. Even via streaming I enjoyed how the movie looked and sounded in its remastered form. As I stated in that review, “dream logic” and that sort of jazz usually isn't my bag as I am tried and true a logical sort of fellow... that said, Phantasm works because its obvious low budget nature and off-kilter…

  • Loqueesha



    Loqueesha unexpectedly dropped on Prime Video two days ago. Please do NOT ever watch Loqueesha.

    Just earlier this month a movie trailer went viral on Twitter, and I imagine that was the intent of the disgusting human being responsible for this motion picture, “comedian” Jeremy Saville, who was the writer, producer, director and star of this. As presumably he would not create a misleading trailer for his own movie, many people were horrified to see that the plot was some…

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  • The Texas Chain Saw Massacre

    The Texas Chain Saw Massacre


    This movie is still a classic and there are still plenty of people who think that this is gore-soaked when you hardly see any violence for the most part; it's more the low-budget sleazy factor and the great atmosphere and mood that make it unnerving to watch. It's still effective today; if only most of the sequels/remakes/alleged sequels went with this style instead of the direction they turned to.

  • Captain Phillips

    Captain Phillips


    I'll be honest and say that for the most part I avoid the films of Paul Greengrass; that is because I don't care for his style of film making. Shaky cam and too quick cuts... no thank you.

    However, while watching this I didn't even really notice any shaky cam or too quick cuts. That is a big endorsement right there. I really knew little about the real life story this is based upon so of course I was always…