Scream 2

Scream 2 ★★★

Well, at least the movie warned us that horror sequels are never as good as the original... but I am being too harsh here as this is actually one that isn't lackluster or worse.

Even though I was under 17 at the time, I am pretty sure I saw this film theatrically; carding people at movies was not as rigorously enforced as it is now. This would be the first R-rated motion picture I saw on my own, without any parents around. No surprise that there'd be an immediate sequel considering the gigantic hit the original turned out to be. It's more of the same, except that Sid is now at college and along with some familiar faces are new ones, mainly there to be red herrings. They really stress those red herrings... to the point that when the killer (or killers) are revealed, it seemed like a letdown as you did not really know them too well until they delivered an exposition dump. That finale, it was even more ridiculous than what we saw in the original Scream.

Despite those negatives and the film being exactly two hours long when it really should have been shorter, I can still say it was good. All the familiar characters from the first returned, along with new ones that were fine, although not as memorable. I had not only forgotten that David Warner showed up for one scene, but that Timothy Olymphant was the new film nerd student character. A big asset here is that the horror bits are better overall than in the first one. The best ones are the one in the sound booth and the aftermath of the car crash. The opening was also nice as it was not only thrilling, it commented on such things as the lily-white of too many horror films; at least here there was a little more diversity.

Plus, I was amused that such movies as House II: The Second Story were mentioned by name.

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