Skyfall ★★★★½

I now have seen all the previous Bond movies again in 2015 before watching SPECTRE in a few hours. Tonight I'll be back to review that. For now, I'll talk about Skyfall, something that I and most, (but not all) people rated really highly at the time. I am thankful that I can still give it a great grade in these more modern times.

I won't spend too much time on describing the plot, aside from it being about a former agent named Raoul Silva who is looking for revenge against MI6 and as he's quite intelligent and a master cyberterrorist, he is a dangerous villain; the action is in Turkey and Shanghai but is mainly in the UK (which is fine by me; part of my heritage is English so I do have a fondness for that area) and I will explain why I give this such glowing marks.

I have never seen any of the other films done by Sam Mendes; thankfully he did a masterful job here. The fact that he (and the movie in general) avoided the pitfalls of Quantum of Solace and-for example-had action scenes that were shot clearly is a big plus in my eyes. So was the talent assembled around the director, both on screen and off. Behind the scenes, having highly regarded people there was for sure helpful, especially with Roger Deakins as the cinematographer; plenty of people have said that he's a legendary figure in that field and indeed, the movie looks beautiful, with some incredible shots and moments.

The movie being personal rather than a globe-trotting adventure where a megalomaniac or a group of them are looking to take over the world... fine with me as it was a one time thing and not the new standard. You do understand Silva's viewpoint (even though it's warped) and Javier Bardem does a tremendous job in that role. I have heard some people compare this to The Dark Knight due to various elements... not the main scheme but various elements seem to be similar. A thing or two here made me go “hey, wait a minute...” but that Batman movie has WAY more of that... eventually I'll have to watch those Nolan movies again to give them proper reviews here and why I'll always think of The Dark Knight highly even though it has massive logic issues... anyhow, this movie does have an always exciting and intriguing plot, with a great foe for 007.

The movie has great action scenes and I enjoyed them and how they were done; even more notable to me was the mature themes integrated into the film. Besides revenge, the big one is getting old and the fear of not being able to do your job anymore due to the ever-present process of aging. Thankfully they brought back some classic franchise elements and that added some humor, which was needed for the film... and arguably, for the series.

The score was pretty cool, along with the opening credits. I don't care about Adele one way or another but the title song is what you'd expect to hear in an older Bond picture and it's also pretty good. I have heard mixed opinions on SPECTRE but at least this film delivered and even adjusted for inflation, all the movies in the Craig era have made an incredible amount of cash. Given his current attitude about the role, of the four movies he made in the franchise this will clearly be the best one, at least in my eyes.

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