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  • Millennium Actress

    Millennium Actress


    Imperfect Red 

    Black ~> White ~> Yellow ~> Red : Nigredo ~> Albedo ~> Citrinitas ~> Rubedo. Alchemical refinement through essential states in perpetual rotation, a sublimating spiral. This pertains to a music/color theory* of the film I did not cover when I logged this last, one I have seen no one write about so I might as well include this as an addendum. The last was an attempt to understand a singular experience by couching it in formalized ideas and…

  • Millennium Actress

    Millennium Actress


    If On A Winter’s Night A Movie Star


    Différance: The Motion Picture*

    This won’t be a true review of Millennium Actress, and to many, may not even pass legibility, let alone seem coincident to the movie. (You may depart now, reader; doubly so if you have never seen it.) A closer approximation would be that I am unpacking what this film, Satoshi Kon’s sophomore feature – and, I believe, his Rosetta Stone – means to me as a text diachronically,…

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  • Young Ahmed

    Young Ahmed


    “Be as close to Allah as that vein in your neck.”

    Definitely did not expect the Dardennes’ usual observational handheld to so capably carry... thriller aspects? Ahmed’s kuleshov faith face and hidden shank (and The Shape’s blue work uniform) tighten each scene where we are not sure which way the kid is moving internally. The danger in every exposed neck is there even in the final shots; what does he ask forgiveness for? His heightened attempts at murdering his teacher…

  • Fail Safe

    Fail Safe


    “The more complex the electrical system, the more accident prone it is.”

    Pretty much Thermonuclear Jurassic Park in set up. Fully automated. Take the tour. We spared no expense. There was once a proposal for a nuclear strike protocol that the president would be given a butcher knife to cut the authorization codes from the heart of a volunteer retainer who had them surgically implanted. This was to impress upon the president some gravity of what they wanted to accomplish.…

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  • All Dogs Go to Heaven

    All Dogs Go to Heaven

    My dog passed today. Was emotionally and physically sore after I dug his grave, and wanted something comforting, and dog related, to put on. Probably haven’t seen this since a pre-Kindergarten VHS, but Bluth’s imagery has stayed with me practically my whole life, so why not go back to the well. The wells came up alright. Just what I needed. 

    This is surprisingly classical (Cabin in the Sky meets a gangster picture), also really good. You can’t keep a good dog down


  • Ad Astra

    Ad Astra


    Aviation law has its roots in the ancient codes of maritime law. The idea was that the sea was analogous to the sky, with like currents and streams, and once the air entered the realm of navigation, taxonomy and customs of water travel were adapted as framework. Space law has followed from this. We lay the grammar of the familiar atop the uncharted. We could say the Moon and Mars in Ad Astra have “terrain”, even though the word carries…