Annette ★★★★

Thought of this quote from Nabokov’s foreword to “Invitation to a Beheading” while watching.

“My favorite author (1768-1849) once said of a novel now utterly forgotten (translated from french) “It has everything for everyone. It makes the child laugh and the woman shudder. It gives the man of the world a salutary vertigo and makes dream those who never dream.”
“Invitation to a Beheading” can claim nothing of the kind. It is a violin in a void. The worldling will deem it a trick. Old men will hurriedly turn from it to regional romances and the lives of public figures. No clubwoman will thrill. The evil-minded will perceive in little Emmie a sister of little Lolita, and the disciples of the Viennese witch-doctor will snigger over it in their grotesque world of communal guilt and progresivnoe education. But (as the author of Discours sur les ombres said in reference to another lamplight): I know (je connais) a few (quelques) readers who will jump up, ruffling their hair.”

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