Fargo ★★★★★

me and lynz went to see this at 3pm today to take a rest break. love fargo. all the small little character quirks that have their small resolutions that all works together like falling dominos to reach the final scene, i love it. it’s so calm and collected for a thriller, it’s really funny, and it’s the most cohen brothers script ever lol. everything works from start to finish, deakins killed it as always. i love the pacing and the way that this was assembled. the ending is perfect, and there’s so much depth in a lot of the smaller more reserved scenes. the scene where she meets her old friend works on so many levels. the way it so quickly transforms from creepy to awkward to heartbreaking back to creepy and then awkward is so interesting. anyways i’ve seen this so many times, but i love getting wrapped up in it when i can.

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