Jojo Rabbit

Jojo Rabbit ★★★★★


Oh my. I never thought an idiot like me could ever get 200 (and 1 don’t think I forgot about you, bud) followers. Tomorrow it might drop back down to the 190’s if someone sobers up, but in grateful right now and always. I know post “reviews” a lot. They have really pilled up, I actually deleted some of the ones that sounded like crying when I first started, just so there isn’t so much. I think I have some funny stuff to say about films and people seem to agree so I apologize if sometimes it feels like a post to much.

I’ve wanted to apologize for posting so much for a long time but I’m really here to thank you all of you. I have appreciated every single one of you. Especially, Joshua Nguyen, Moonpanther, ZombieTrex, Calebe S.S. , BrayMitch01, Mario, SJ_Animation, ☆ Sophie ☆ , Rey Skywalker, Frandi Peralta , liam f , Trickster18, ronellis404, OrangeJoelius, beardown, Aden Robertson, Siegel,
AnomalisaOverlooked. I know that’s a lot of people but I’ve interacted with these wonderful people a lot so i wanted to make sure they all know I appreciate it. I’ll leave a link to all the it profiles at the end. And if I didn’t mention your name, I’m sorry I DO appreciate you. You’re all awesome! If you ever need any help or suggestions you’re free to ask.

(and yes this is coincidentally around the same time Sophie reached her 1,000 follower so congrats to her to!)

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