Jojo Rabbit

Jojo Rabbit ★★★★★

So after watching Trolls World Tour, me, Drew, Connor, and Braxton decided watch this. They had never seen Jojo Rabbit. Before starting it I specifically said “this is a beautiful film so let’s not roast it all the time like we did with Trolls 2”.

But what do I find persist through are viewing? Braxton trying to be funny and make dumb jokes during us taking the film seriously. You see, he predicted that the Sam Rockwell troll was actually working for the villain. After he did that and we were slightly impressed he most have thought “GUeSs i’M thE PREdiCTing MaSTeR” and tried to predict the ENTIRETY of Jojo Rabbit. We were all annoyed and even us belittling him didn’t even get him to stop.

He said a lot of very mood ruining things in emotional and dramatic scenes and I no longer respect.

But BY FAR, the worst thing he said was;

Braxton: Jojo’s such a simp.

... Listen you can have your own opinions on film and it’s characters but calling Jojo a simp? Ugh. Luckily Connor made it legit kinda funny.

Connor: “0 simpige, only war”

So thanks Connor. But a kinda screw you to Braxton.

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