Thor: Ragnarok

Thor: Ragnarok ★★★★

Tremendously fun.

Really perfectly shows how far the MCU has come. It's (way) more full of color, funnier quips, epic cinematography, and real characters.

First of all the humor is great! It had my knowing that this was gonna be a new kind of Thor film by the first 5 minutes. The comedy is just a blast. Every joke lands.

Now as drama goes, it's pretty solid. I wish the villain was a little tighter and a little less Malifcent clichè "because she's evil" story, but she's still a threatening villain that makes you feel tense.

Thor's character is good, Loki's his usual enjoyable self, Odin's death is sad, and MAN does it feel good to have Bruce back. I missed him. Valkrie is fine and really enjoyable at some points. Even Jeff Goldblum can't slow the great cast down. Jeff does pull off his role greatly.

I wish the story didn't go so fast, but it's still a greatly enjoyable movie that's an amazing step up for the Thor films (even if I did really enjoy Dark World).

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