A Quiet Place Part II

A Quiet Place Part II ★★★

They missed the mark by not calling this ”A Quieter Place”, but this makes room for my script. It’s been a few decades since A Quiet Place 2 and a billionaire with a love for animals and a deeper love for money has created a kind of biological preserve where these aliens are kept, safely, in paddocks. Emily Blunt, Cillian Murphy, and an eccentric mathematician are brought in to evaluate the preserve. While there a disgruntled employee (played by someone who was popular for a second in the 90’s like, I don’t know, Wayne Knight?) while trying to steal from the billionaire accidentally makes such a loud noise wrecking his vehicle that the aliens go crazy and break out. Now, only Emily Blunt and her team can save everyone on the island including themselves, I call it, Quiet Park. I’ll be waiting for an email Mr. John Krasinski.

I did enjoy this but it suffers from ”Why are you doing that?!” syndrome, like a lot of horror films. Everyone just kept doing stupid shit starting with the girl. Why didn’t she just talk to her family before heading off? Then the boy leaves the protection of the shelter to just check out the scenery after having his foot clamped by a bear trap? Why would the crazy Trump cult at the docks cover Cillian in loud bells and then just stand next to him? Then, he’s trying to get the rope off of his neck and doesn’t even use the knife that’s in his hands? Also, have none of those people at the dock attempted to take a boat to an island? The first fucking thing the people safe on the island do when they see an alien is make as much noise as fucking possible? Like, I get it, it’s scary but you’ve dealt with these before, most of you. President Djimon immediately assumes the alien chasing him has gone back and then gets killed because he wouldn't be quiet, the movie is called A QUIET PLACE Djimon. And Really John? Killing off the only black person in the movie? Oh, and the biggest issue I have, does throwing something towards the other side of the room not draw their attention away from you? So many times they could have been out of trouble by just throwing something.

I wish Cillian Murphy was in more horror films. 28 Days Later, Batman Begins, Red Eye, and Sunshine; this dude can horror. Also got a lot of The Last of Us and LOST vibes watching this. It made me think that maybe someone could pull off a Last of Us film. I didn’t like it nearly as much as the original but it was still good despite its flaws. All the acting was impressive, especially from the younger actors, and the suspense was just as good as the original. Just wish they had stuck with the more realistic character choices of the first one.

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