Scream ★★★★

Scream: The Deadpool of Horror

It’s a self-aware film, without being too obnoxious about it, and one of the most clever horror films we’ve gotten. Straight from the beginning, the film tells you that Drew Barrymore is going to be the star of the film, she’s even on the poster, only to be killed in a few minutes. From the start you know that this isn’t going to be your normal slasher. Scream is one of the few films that can be seen as a straight horror film or as a satirical comedy. Everything has a duality; Sid is a competent victim who uses her wits, while ghostface is constantly flailing and falling over everything (before Scream these roles were almost always switched). The theme of the gravity of loss on a community, while also still throwing parties and having fun. The competent sheriff, which is missing from most horror, with his incompetent deputy, which is almost always killed in horror films. It was successful with both horror fans and the general audiences too, making $173m on a $14m budget.

Having just finished the Nightmare on Elm Street series for the first time Scream is such a breath of fresh air. Unfortunately, the film's success and rejuvenation of the horror genre is one of the reasons Scream is overlooked these days. After its success there were so many copy cats and parodies that tried to emulate what Scream was, but didn’t get what made Scream so much fun; the clever writing, the murder mystery, the comedy, the satire, ect. We had a few decent films, like The Faculty, Final Destination, or I Still Know What You Did Last Summer. But for every film Scream inspired we got 5 terrible films that have been forgotten with time, like Valentine, Disturbing Behavior, or Cherry Falls.

I think every 10 years or so we get a new film that reinvents the horror genre. That’s what Scream did for the 90’s, and it still holds up really well today which is honestly kind of amazing. If you haven’t seen it, whether you’re sick of horror films or love them, go watch it this Halloween.

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